Things can change in an instant! Since my last post, two more classmates have lost their lives and Hurricane Florence hit with a vengeance, as if Eastern NC had offended her somehow. Florence wasn't a CAT 4 or 5 as predicted, but she showed out nevertheless. It was the wind; it was the water.  Even after she was gone the water hung around and taunted the Carolinas until it decided to remain and flood places that had never flooded before. We're not done with the flooding yet and we're 7 days post Flo. 


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Time To Breathe 

As the title says, it is time to breathe. There will always be another phone call to make, another errand to run, another project to begin, and someone that needs our attention. But through all that, I have learned that you must make time to breathe. It's hard to practice self-care, but it is vital for your peace of mind. That's all I have for you today. Thanks for stopping by! Now I must go and exhale.


Room For All ... 

Hello! Totally new to blogging.  Not sure if I'm all that interesting, but I'll give it a shot!

Life is in full swing! I'm trying to catch up and keep up, lol! It's been a wild ride making this CD, but I'm ecstatic to just be able to make music and share it with people.

To The Point:

Saw another post this week that could be viewed as negativity towards cover songs and artists - yes, I said "artists" - who make them. As I have said before, there is plenty of room for everyone to perform music the way…

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