Things can change in an instant! Since my last post, two more classmates have lost their lives and Hurricane Florence hit with a vengeance, as if Eastern NC had offended her somehow. Florence wasn't a CAT 4 or 5 as predicted, but she showed out nevertheless. It was the wind; it was the water.  Even after she was gone the water hung around and taunted the Carolinas until it decided to remain and flood places that had never flooded before. We're not done with the flooding yet and we're 7 days post Flo. 

It hammers home the fact that nothing on this earthly plane is permanent. Everything is temporary. Make each moment count because you can't get it back. The daily grind for the acquisition of things outside of basic needs is truly a futile pursuit of nothingness.

My heart hurts for everyone, especially those that must start completely over, who had very little to begin with and are now dependent upon the kindness of strangers and the slow-churning arm of the government.  I will continue to help where I can and I must be ok with the fact that I can't help everyone.

For now, I must go and take refuge in song.

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